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Some EC xxx units - Starter Battery Potential Damage.

The ECxxx chargers will charge either Habitation and Starter batteries if you manually use the 'Battery' button on the LCD display controller to select the relevant battery.

If you use the Smart charging feature the Charger may only charge up the Starter battery AFTER the battery has dropped to a very low and damaging 12.3v, which for a modern Starter battery is a 40% Depth Of Discharge and well after the point at which Battery Sulphation happens. The Sargent website states : 

"Smart Charge”, when the motorhome is on 230V hook-up, the Starter battery is monitored but not charged while its voltage is 12.4V or higher. If the starter-battery’s voltage drops below 12.4V, the motorhome’s battery-charger should switch its output from the leisure-battery (the default for charging) to the starter-battery and charge this for 4 hours at 13.6V/14.4V. The battery-charger should then revert to charging the leisure-battery for 4 hours while monitoring the starter-battery’s voltage".


If you have suffered premature Starter battery failure, and these seem to be on the increase, we suggest you consider a Varta LFD 90 deep discharge dual purpose Leisure/Starter battery because this battery will tolerate deeper discharges and cycling. The Bosch L5 is the exact same battery made in the same plant with a different label.

They are around £95 from Tayna, so not only more powerful than most quality Starter batteries, but also cheaper.

The LFD75 seems to replace most Starter batteries in Transit based motorhomes.

                               SOLAR POWER



EC225/PSU 2007

The photo below is thThe e cable supplied by Sargent to plug a Solar regulator into the EC225. It costs just £21 and takes minutes to wire up to the Solar Regulator and then just plugs into the EC225.

The above cable not only simplifies installation, but the EC225 will be able to route the Solar Regulator charge to both the Habitation battery and the Starter battery. All Solar charging is also displayed on the existing EC225 display. No need for any additional items at all.

The Solar regulator does not need to be anything special either, but obviously something like a Votronic is still recommended.  

                     SOLAR POWER AND THE SARGENT EC325/EC328/EC500.

The Sargent EC328 and EC500 models have a specific Solar Panel Input that does not require a separate SOLAR REGULATOR making it very easy to wire up.

The EC325 PSU does not always incorporate a built-in Solar Regulator but the output of an external solar regulator connects directly to the EC 325 connection of up to 200W solar panel. This works with the EC325 Smart Charging function

On the EC328 and EC500 the built in Solar Regulator charges both the Starter and Habitation batteries simultaneously and connects to the PSU via a dedicated 4 pin connector on the lower underside. See photo below for plug location.

The cable costs just £13 from Sargent :

On most of the newer EC units, only a Solar panel and the Sargent cable are required, with one end of the cable connecting to the Solar Panel (via a fuse) and the other end plugging into the EC xxx box. See the Sargent links above for details.

When wired this way All the Solar Power charging Volts and Amps will then be shown on the existing Sargent LCD display, without any additional parts/wiring.

It simplifies Solar Panel installation making the Interior connections almost 'Plug and Go' cutting down installation time  by hours. That is a major saving on the fitters time and no need to buy a separate Solar Regulator, no Battery Master, no complex wiring to go wrong, etc. 

Installing Solar the way Sargent and the Motorhome manufacturer recommend, can save hundreds of pounds as well as work better than a non standard fitment.

If you have a Sargent Solar Install wired any other way, then you have almost certainly paid a lot more money for an inferior solution.

You should not connect any device direct to the battery on the EC325/EC328.

The Sargent EC325/EC328 unit has a very sophisticated mains charger. If 240v is connected and the battery is low it will 'isolate' the battery from the Motorhome and switch a small 12v power supply into it's place to keep things ticking over. 

It will then 'super charge' the battery at up to 18v and 25amps. Anything connected directly to the battery will get hit with these higher volts.

A Battery Master style unit should not be fitted, for obvious reasons. 

Because the charger voltage can reach 18v, a Gel or AGM battery should not be used for the habitation battery. Ideally it should be a Silver technology based battery like the Varta LFD90 as these will cope with 18v charge better than most.

The 4 pin Solar connector is almost directly behind the gap in the fuses on the bottom left marked by the Black blob on the photo above.

Solar Panel Input Connector Pin Function Wire Colour :

1 Positive (+) input RED

2 Not used -

3 Negative (-) input BLACK

4 Not used 



Once the solar panel is installed, use the EC control screen to select the charging mode, either Habitation battery only, Starter battery only or both (Smart mode).

SMART – This turns on the solar smart charging feature. When a solar panel is fitted the energy from the panel is automatically directed to the vehicle or leisure battery according to the charge state of each battery and the operation of the mains battery charger.
SMART is the default setting.
LEISURE – This setting will cause the energy from the solar panel to be directed to the Habitation battery only.
VEHICLE – This setting will cause the energy from the solar panel to be directed to the Vehicle battery only.

               SOLAR POWER AND THE SARGENT EC460/EC465.

The Sargent EC460/465 has a specific Solar Panel Input that  also allows the connection of a solar panel, which will then charge both the vehicle and leisure batteries simultaneously. With this unit an appropriate Solar Regulator should be used, but aside from that all the Solar Power capability  available on the EC328 applies to this unit.

Once wired in, the charging levels to the Starter battery and the Habitation battery will then be displayed on the Sargent LCD Display Unit without any additional displays or items. 

A Battery Master device should not be fitted. 

The Solar Input plug is P14, pin 1 + (positive) and pin 2 - (negative). 

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See our Solar Power Hints and Tips pages : 

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