Schaudt OVP 01

The Schaudt Elektroblock is often, incorrectly, singled out on the Forums as having a particular issue because, so it is alleged, they do not have Spike Surge protection built in and this is why the charger units inside the boxes fail.  

The Schaudt Elektroblock range DOES have built in spike/surge protection in the form of a Metal Oxide Varister (MOV). MOV is a VERY effective way of trapping Spikes and Surges which is why it is used by almost all the Charger unit manufacturers from  Arsilicii to Nordelettronica. 

The confusion seems to have arisen because Schaudt manufacture an add on module called the Over Voltage Protector 01 which is sold by some as a Spike/Surge suppressor when it is not. What the OVP 01 does is cut all power to the protected device if the voltage goes outside preset limits ie, below 190v or above 265v.
You will see from the Schaudt Technical document, see below, that it does not mention anything about Spike/Surge protection, only OverVoltage Protection, hence the name OVP 01.

Schaudt  OVP 01.pdf Schaudt OVP 01.pdf
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It is a relatively slow acting unit so will not limit the majority of fast rising Spikes and Surges. The OVP 01 is designed to protect devices from medium speed rising/falling voltage changes. 

The Inbuilt Sike/Surge protection in almost all Schaudt charger units from a EBL 99 to a EBL267 will protect against all but the most powerful Spikes/Surge/Voltage/Transients or whatever you wish to call them. However, it is not very good at blocking slower rising voltages, for example when a generator becomes faulty and puts out a slowly rising voltage greater than 265v. That is where the OVP 01 is designed to help, exactly as the Schaudt Technical document explains.  


We have seen less than 0.01% of EBL failures down to mains borne Spikes/Surges and almost every one of those was in a Country where Thunder storms and Lightning strikes are more common than the UK : Italy, Southern France, Spain and Portugal. In almost all cases there was a lightning storm nearby and  the 240v Fridge,  Heating, TV, Laptop, etc were damaged at the same time as the Schaudt unit. 
In the Italian case we estimated over 600v had hit the Motorhome so it is not surprising their total bill was over £2,500 to replace the damaged elements. And yes they had an OVP 01 fitted but the EBL99 did not survive.
The best protection is to remove the mains Hook-up lead from the motorhome if an electrical storm is in a 10 mile vicinity, protect ALL the sensitive electronics in the MH, not just the charger unit.
Remember we are talking here about Hot countries prone to sudden electrical storms where the rural Electrical Infrastructure is not as effective at damping down high voltage strikes on power lines. Even then the risk is low.
The risk in the UK is very, very low. Even the Schaudt Technical document above states the Elektroblock EBL units "can occasionally fail " and  acknowledges that the risk within EU Countries is lower still, i.e. almost none existent in the UK which is what our experience backs up. 

We are not advising you against fitting an OVP01, but when the repair cost of a Spike/Surge hit on a EBL is only £130 is it worth spending nearly £100 on insurance that does not protect your 240v Fridge which will cost three times as much to repair? 

What takes out a Schaudt Elektroblock is a battery past its best, if you want your Schaudt EBL to last, our advice would be to replace the battery.
We don't sell batteries, but we have created a web page with lots of information to help you choose the best ones from the cheapest suppliers, see : battery-technology.php