Schaudt OVP 01

The Schaudt Elektroblock EBL range is often, incorrectly, singled out on the Forums as having a particular issue because, so it is alleged, they do not have Spike protection built in and this is why the charger units inside the boxes fail. However, the Schaudt Elektroblock range DOES have built in spike protection in the form of a Metal Oxide Varister (MOV). 

MOV is a  very effective way of trapping Spikes which is why it is used by almost all the Charger unit manufacturers from  Arsilicii to Nordelettronica. 

The confusion seems to have arisen because Schaudt manufacture an add on module called the Over Voltage Protector 01 which is sold by some as a Spike suppressor when it is not
What the £80 OVP 01 does is cut all power to the EBL Elektroblock if the voltage goes outside preset limits ie, below 190v or above 265v.

Regardless of how it works, it only provides protection to the Elektroblock charger.
We have therefore sourced a device we call a Power Master that protects all the 230v equipment from Charger to TV and Fridge to Heating.

In addition to cutting the 230v supply for voltage faults, it also monitors the current being drawn and shuts down the power being used if it goes above a set limit. 
Useful on a Site where the Bollard only has 6 amps as you can set the 6a limit on the Power Master and it will cut the power before it can trip the Site Bollard RCD.
Once the power draw is back under 6 amps, it automatically reconnects the supply. 

Also very good at protecting against Generator overvoltage/under voltage and Inverter voltage regulation faults.

The unit incorporates a Digital volt meter and digital Ammeter so you can monitor site power, if you wish.

These standalone units fit into the main 230v feed to the RCD. Easy to fit in around an hour. Full instructions included for your Auto electrician to fit..

Full details HERE.