We still do Caravan Servicing and repairs but we are SORRY WE NO LONGER REPAIR MOTOR MOVERS


                                       Caravan Servicing from £110.

Most of the issues we encountered with Motor Movers were from a poor battery. It is important the battery is a Starter based battery, not a pure Leisure battery.

A pure Leisure battery is not designed to deliver the kind of current drawn by two Motor Mover Electric Motors, which are generally larger than a car Starter Motor.  The Leisure battery suffers degradation that then overloads the Charger unit.

We recommend the fitment of the Varta LFD 90, Dual Purpose Starter/Deep Cycle battery in a Motor Mover equipped Caravan. Read more about this exceptional £92 battery here : Varta LFD 


                                                                          Note we do not sell batteries.

The quality and age of a battery on a Caravan with a Motor Mover is key to the life of all the Electronics in the Caravan.
We strongly suggest you use only a quality Wet Acid battery, not Gel or AGM, that will better handle the high current draw without overheating over extended periods caused by a Motor Mover, some of which can draw 160amps from the battery.