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Updated 20/05/2019

"Superb help with diagnosing the fault with my Elektroblock EBL 99, quick turnaround with repair and kept informed of progress and fault (which was missed by Apuljack Engineering), plus it cost almost £50 less than competitors. 
Special thanks to Martin for all his help


This website was created by Allan Evans to try and provide technical guidance on all aspects of Motorhome/Caravan electronics. Allan is losing his battle against Colon Cancer and is now being cared for by a Palliative Care team. 

He has a wife Natalie and two young children, Adam (8) and Sophie(7) who he will leave behind. He has set up a University/scholarship fund to help his children get through University, if that is what they choose, if the information on this web site has been helpful to you and you wish to make a small contribution to that fund, then please click here.

The chief Engineer, Martin, has taken over the company which will continue to offer the same service as before.

              Motorhome and Caravan Charger repairs

Please use the Contact Us page to request a quote or to send a broken unit. Please do not send any units without first contacting us for the new address.

We are a small firm, established in 2011, that carry out Motorhome and Caravan repairs, specialising in Battery Charger and Power distribution electronic repairs and sales. We are small and intend to stay small, so we stay under the VAT threshold, that means not only are prices naturally lower but you also don't pay 20% VAT. 

Our new units are often supplied at half main Dealer cost, like a Brand New faster charging EBL 119 (EBL 99 factory replacement) at £330 exchange versus a Dealers £580+. 

Or an exchange rebuilt EBL, like the EBL 265 at £190 with 12 months warranty.

Obviously we also offer a repair service on these units and almost all Motorhome/Caravan Battery chargers. 

As an example of how a small company benefits you, we charge £130 + shipping for an Elektroblock EBL99 charger repair with uprated components, when Apuljack charge £166 + VAT + shipping, or a total of £208.

Martin is very highly qualified, not just in Electronics repair, but electronic circuit design. With his 40+ years of deep electronics knowledge and Allan's knowledge of Motorhome Electronics, Installation, wiring and Batteries, there are few issues we can't resolve. 

We don't just repair Charger units on the Workbench, we repair these units in the Motorhomes/Caravans themselves. We understand what goes on inside and around the charger box better than any Motorhome or any Electronics repairer in the UK. 

Therefore our knowledge and expertise in fixing difficult electronic/wiring problems in a Motorhome, is amongst the best there is and why so many of our visitors travel hundreds of miles to us. Like this couple from Norfolk:

"Hi Allan, Back safely at home in Norfolk by dusk yesterday after our visit to you in North Wales. 

Tired but elated and just wanted to say another very BIG thank you for your work regarding our Motorhome.
Best regards,
C.R and M.R"

How many people drive 6 hours each way to get a Motorhome repaired and get home so delighted they send an email saying they are 'Elated'? 

Additional Specialist Battery Knowledge.

We had detailed electronics knowledge on mains battery chargers and Alternators, but wanted to know more about Batteries and their impact on a Charger. So in 2012/2013 we carried out extensive research on Batteries, cutting open many different makes and technologies in an effort to understand why one battery can work well and another fails so quickly. 

But especially why one battery might be kind to a Charger and why another seemed to have such a devastating effect.    

We dissected the batteries we removed from vehicles to see which technology was used, how well they had aged and what had taken place inside the battery during the ageing process. We noted those that were well made and those that were poor. What ageing/degradation had taken place inside the battery and how it related to the damage we found in the charger unit/Alternator. 

We also looked at how they were being used in the vehicle and what equipment they powered. 

Learning what type of use deteriorates a battery, with subsequent charger failure, also meant lots of conversations with Motorhome owners about how they use the vehicle. 

With these first hand comments on usage, the evidence of the damaged charger, plus being able to also see inside the batteries gave us a unique insight into Batteries, Charging systems and Motorhome usage. 

As a result we were able to create our Battery technology web pages from Real World experience to help everyone get the best from their vehicle. 

We know of no other team in all of Europe that repairs most makes of Battery Charger from around the World that sees the environment that led to the chargers failure, plus inside the Battery.

We believe this helps us to deliver a Battery Charger and Motorhome/Caravan electronics repair service like no other. That we are also one of the lowest cost is a bonus for you. 

This real world knowledge of both Batteries and thousands of chargers has steadily increased over the past 6 years, resulting in our recognition as the UK's leading Battery and Charging specialists. 

One nice comment came from Andy Harris at Roadpro, who wrote on a forum -

"I have come across A & N Caravan Services before. Allan is very knowledgeable about many things to do with batteries and has written much that I agree with, because it’s simply true".

The knowledge we built up is then freely published on these web pages to help everyone. 

Note that we do not sell any Batteries, the Battery advice we give is 100% impartial.  



TO CONTACT US - Please use the Contact Us webpage

Allan and his two children, Adam and Sophie, in happier times, Natalie is taking the photo -