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Recent review :

"Allan diagnosed the problem immediately, very impressed with cleanliness and speed of repair, the original Dealer could not find the fault!".

We are a small family firm, established in 2012, that carry out Motorhome and Caravan repairs, specialising in Battery Charger and Power distribution electronic repairs and sales. 

We are Schaudt, Nordelettronica and Arsilicii distributors so can supply new and remanufactured parts from these manufacturers. 

Examples are Schaudt Elektroblock EBL 99, Nordelectronica NE 143, Arsilicii AL320, etc. Often supplied at half main Dealer cost. Obviously we are able to repair these units and almost all Motorhome/Caravan Battery chargers.

Because we repair these units in the Motorhomes/Caravans themselves, we understand what goes on inside and around the charger box better than any Motorhome repairer in the UK. 

Therefore our knowledge and expertise in fixing difficult electronic/wiring problems in a Motorhome, is amongst the best there is and why so many of our visitors travel hundreds of miles to us. Like the people who gave us the recommendation at the top of the page and this couple from Norfolk:

"Hi Allan, Back safely at home in Norfolk by dusk yesterday after our visit to you in North Wales. 

Tired but elated and just wanted to say another very big THANK YOU for your work regarding our Motorhome.
Best regards,
C.R and M.R"

How many people drive 6 hours each way to get a Motorhome repaired and get home so delighted they send an email saying they are 'Elated'? 

We have given up our big fixed business premises and become mobile for all Motorhome/Caravan Electronic Charger repairs/replacement units. 

We supply, repair and fit charger/Electronic units in Motorhomes and Caravans by working out of two Caravan sites in our area. See our North Wales page for more details on the Caravan sites to stay at when having work carried out.

As well as repairing a broken Charger/Power unit in a Motorhome/Caravan we also repair these units on the work bench. You can send us your failed charger for repair, see the Contact Us page to send us an email for details and quote.

Specialist Battery Knowledge.

We knew about battery chargers, but wanted to know more about Batteries and their impact on a Charger. 

In 2012/2013 we carried out extensive research on Batteries, cutting open many different makes and technologies in an effort to understand why one battery can work well and another fails so quickly.       We didn't just disect the batteries we swapped out to see which technology was used, but we wanted to see which were well made and those that were poor. We also looked at how they were being used in the vehicle. 

Learning what batteries were good and those that were not, what type of use kills a battery, etc. meant lots of conversations with Motorhome owners about how they use the vehicle. 

No other team in Europe repairs most makes of Battery Charger from around the World and sees the environment that caused the chargers failure. 

This real world knowledge of both Batteries and thousands of chargers has increased over the past 5 years resulting in our recognition as one of UK's leading Battery and Charging specialists. 

Batteries are the reason almost all Motorhome/Caravan battery chargers fail prematurely.

It does mean that if you do come to us, expect questions about your batteries, we are constantly learning and developing and freely publish what we learn on these pages to help everyone. 

What causes a Charger to fail?





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