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We have become mobile for all Motorhome/Caravan Electronic Charger repairs/replacement units. We supply, repair and fit units in Motorhomes and Caravans working out of two Caravan sites in our area, see our North Wales page for more details on the Caravan sites to stay at when having work carried out.

Email us if you require our services, see lower down this page for the email address.


               We are gaining a reputation for fixing the difficult Motorhome Electronic and wiring issues. 

Hard to believe that a customer saved money driving his Motorhome from Cornwall to our workshop in North Wales for a repair rather than getting it done locally??
A Motorhome Dealer and a Auto Electrician had both (independently) diagnosed the fault in the Motorhome as requiring a new Reich e-box at a cost of £690 + fitting about £820 total. That was on top of the £390 he had already paid to diagnose the fault at the two different places. He came to us to have the e-Box replaced as we sell remanufactured units £290 and new units at £450.
We found the e-Box to be working perfectly, the fault being in the wiring which took us a while to find as it had been made worse by the Auto-Electrician. We fixed and presented a bill of just £120. That included undoing a 'fix' made by the Auto-Electrician. 
Although the customer saved around £700 he still had a total bill of £510. Had he come to us at the start, his total bill would have been about £90, as we would not have lost so much time with the Autoelectrician's 'fix', so saving a potential total of £1,100. 

Similar story for a Burstner from Tyneside, the Rimor from Essex, the Hymer from Brighton....
See our customer feedback page for more of the same : Customer Feedback

We have a strong electronics skill set but also understand Motorhomes. 


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