All repairs are guaranteed 12 months against repeat failure with the exception of Nordelettronica chargers that are only guaranteed 3 months and Reich e-Box 1 units 6 months.

For example if we repair a Schaudt Elektroblock charger board, the components that have been replaced will be repaired free of charge should they fail again within 12 months. The other, original, components on the board that we have not changed will not be subject to the Warranty.

If we supply a remanufactured unit then the entire board or remanufactured unit is covered by the Warranty. While we will always try and offer you a repair, it is sometimes more cost effective to opt for a replacement board as the entire board will be guaranteed, not just the 4 or 5 components we have replaced. 

The majority of failures we see are caused by using batteries past their best. If your charger has failed, the chances are it was the batteries that caused it and your repaired/replacement charger may go the same way within a very short time. Failure to replace Batteries that are past their best will invalidate the warranty.

There are no user serviceable items inside the units, opening the unit will invalidate the Warranty. Return the broken unit to us for rectification.

The Warranty obviously excludes damage caused by inappropriate Generators or mains power supply Spikes/Surges, poor Batteries, incorrect installation or water damage as these our outside our control.

Before making a warranty claim, please make sure the fault is in the unit and not wiring, fuses, battery, etc as it takes a lot of time to test a unit thoroughly. If a unit is sent to us as a warrantly claim and it subsequently has no fault, then there will be a charge for our time and postage. 

However, we will always try and be helpful on ANY failure within the Warranty and also after the warranty has elapsed on any unit we have repaired or supplied, unless the unit has been tampered with.

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