Updated 03/03/2024

Customs rules as they apply to shipments from outside the UK. 

This is to explain the current situation that pertains to A & N Caravan Services handling repair work from outside the United Kingdom. As we understand it, when Britain left the EU there was a negotiated, free movement of goods, grace period which ended on the 1st of January 2024. During this grace period, items under a certain value, size and weight were exempt from customs charges and VAT. Since the 1st of January ALL items entering or leaving the UK are now subject to these charges.

The way it works is the customs charge is based on the size and weight. For an item like an electroblock or another motorhome or touring caravan charger or PDU this will be around £5. The value for VAT purposes is assessed by a Customs Rater who uses the commodity code, which used to be called the customs tariff number, to identify the item and its value. The Rater is not obliged to accept the declared value entered on the customs declaration form.

In the case of a faulty Schaudt electroblock model EBL99, for instance, this could be anything from a scrap value of £30 to the second-hand value based on 50% of the new item price. At the time of publication the net price of a new EBL99 from Schaudt is currently 637 Euros. VAT is levied at the standard UK rate, currently 20%. There is also a brokerage fee levied by the carrier usually between £5 and £15. This fee varies depending on the consignor’s address and method of shipping.

There is nothing we can do to avoid these charges.

If you send us an item for repair, you MUST send it as “Free Domicile” this is an international shipping term where the consignor assumes all transportation charges and applicable duties until the goods are delivered to us. This includes insurance costs and expenses for transporting the consignment.

When we return the item after it has been repaired, it will be sent as “Freight Collect” this is a shipping arrangement where the consignee (customer or recipient of the goods) is responsible for paying shipping charges upon delivery. The consignee is required to settle freight charges directly with the carrier or shipping agent.

If items are sent to us with an incorrectly completed customs declaration and we receive a notification that charges are due, we will refuse to pay the charges and the goods will be returned to the consignor.

If you are settling the invoice from an account with a foreign bank, our bank will make a charge for clearing the funds. This is typically £7 which will be added to any invoice with an addressee outside the UK.  

You are welcome to contact me if you have questions that are not dealt with here. services@aandncaravanservices.co.uk

Martin Bushnell

Senior Engineer

R.Tech.Eng  Eng.CEI  M.Tec(hon)