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We're sorry but we don't handle any heating, refrigeration, cooling or cooking appliance repairs or installation. We don't repair or supply on-board audiovisual products like TVs, Radios or Reversing Cameras. Nor do we mend broken toilets. For all our repair and supply services, please read on or select a category from the menu.
For health and safety reasons, we cannot accept drop-off or collection in person
and I'm afraid we do not undertake any in vehicle work.
We will send you a link after your enquiry has been received.
shipment by some carriers is not recommended
Changes to the way we trade with our friends in Europe including Northern Ireland is causing some delays at customs despite the so-called free trade deal. A customs declaration now has to be completed for items going to and from EU (and NI) in the same way as it has always been with the rest of the world, this is subject to brokerage charges. The under 150 Euro value exemption for products moving between UK and EU was scraped as of the first of June 2021 so all shipment are now subject to import and customs charges. 
Martin Bushnell
Senior Engineer

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Updated 31/01/2023

This website was created by Allan Evans to try and provide technical guidance on all aspects of Motorhome/Caravan electronics. Allan passed away at 18:05 on 11th of August 2019 after losing his battle against Colon Cancer. A sad loss. He will be remember by many for his expert professionalism. 

Alan set up a University/scholarship fund to help his children get through University when the time comes. If the information on this web site has been helpful and you wish to make a small contribution, please click here.

Martin Bushnell the Senior Engineer, has taken over control of the firm and will continue to service established costumers as well as new enquiries.

Motorhome and Caravan Charger repairs

Please use the Contact Us page to request a quote before sending a broken unit. 

Do not send anything without first contacting us.

We are a small firm, established in 2011, and carry out repairs to Motorhome and Touring Caravan electronic equipment, specialising in Battery Charger and Power Distribution Units.  

We offer a fixed price repair service on most product of £140 plus a return postage charge of £18 for Parcelforce 24 or DPD next day delivery within the UK except NI, the IOM and some parts of Scotland. 

Martin is a time served and lettered engineer of long standing, not just in electronic repair but electronic design and application. 

We understand what goes on inside and around the charger and PDU better than any Motorhome or any Electronics repairer in the UK.

Now that Alan is no longer with us we are unable to offer the repair of equipment whilst it is still in the vehicle.

In the beginning.

We had detailed electronics knowledge on mains battery chargers and Alternators, but wanted to know more about Batteries and their impact on a Charger. So in 2012/2013 we carried out extensive research on Batteries, cutting open many different makes and technologies in an effort to understand why one battery can work well and another fails so quickly. 

But especially why one battery might be kind to a Charger and why another seemed to have such a devastating effect.    

We dissected the batteries we removed from vehicles to see which technology was used, how well they had aged and what had taken place inside the battery during the ageing process. We noted those that were well made and those that were poor, and how it all related to the damage we found in the charger unit/Alternator. 

We also looked at how they were being used in the vehicle and what equipment they powered. 

Learning what type of use deteriorates a battery, with subsequent charger failure, also meant lots of conversations with Motorhome owners about how they use the vehicle. 

With these first hand comments on usage, the evidence of the damaged charger, plus being able to also see inside the batteries gave us a unique insight into Batteries, Charging systems and Motorhome usage. 

As a result we were able to create our Battery technology web pages from Real World experience to help everyone get the best from their vehicle. Please note: As technologies develop some information on these pages may be out of date.

We know of no other team in all of Europe that repairs most makes of Battery Charger from around the World that sees the environment that led to the chargers failure, plus inside the Battery itself.

We believe this helps us to deliver a Battery Charger and Motorhome/Caravan electronics repair service like no other. That we are also one of the lowest cost is a bonus for you. 

This real world knowledge of both Batteries and thousands of chargers has steadily increased over the past years, resulting in our recognition as the UK's leading Battery and Charging specialists. 

One nice comment came from Andy Harris at Roadpro, who wrote on a forum -

"I have come across A & N Caravan Services before. Allan is very knowledgeable about many things to do with batteries and has written much that I agree with, because it’s simply true".

The knowledge we built up is freely published on these web pages to help everyone. 

Note that we do not sell any Batteries, the advice we give is 100% impartial.  



TO CONTACT US - Please use the Contact Us webpage

Allan and his two children, Adam and Sophie, in happier times, Natalie is taking the photo -