Schaudt OVP 01 and Spike protection

The Schaudt Elektroblock EBL range is often, incorrectly, singled out on the Forums as having a particular issue because, so it is alleged, they do not have Spike protection built in and this is why the charger units inside the boxes fail.

All of the Schaudt Elektroblock range of products have built in spike protection in the form of a Metal Oxide Varister (MOV). 

MOV is a  very effective way of trapping Spikes which is why it is used by almost all the Charger manufacturers.

It works within a "crowbar" circuit and under very intense spike control, like an unstable or "coughing" generator will require the protection components to be replaced. Under no circumstance should the internal mains fuse be replaced without locating the reason for it's failure. More damage WILL be done and there is a high risk of fire.


The confusion seems to have arisen because Schaudt manufacture an add on module called the Over Voltage Protector 01 which is sold by some as a Spike suppressor when it is not
What the OVP 01 does is cut all power to the Elektroblock if the voltage changes slowly and goes outside the preset limits of below 175v or above 265v AC. The installation of an OVP01 will NOT offer much protection against unstable generators or a generator that "choughs" because it's running out of fuel.