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      Approved Leisure Batteries With BS EN 50342 Checked Performance


This table will only list batteries where we have seen the Laboratory tests  that show they are what they say. The BS EN 50342 data tests of the batteries will be visible in the table for all to see, not secret like the NCC 'verified' battery scheme. 

Any person can submit a battery to go on these pages but the claimed cycle life, capacity, etc must be backed up by a recent British Standard 50432 Battery test. All of those who submit batteries most agree to funding the cost of a 'Certified and Audited Battery Laboratory' carrying out tests at any time, some of which may be random in nature.
If we suspect a battery has changed specification since submission, it will be withdrawn until a new Certified BS test is carried out. The consumer will come first.

Anyone selecting a battery from this web page can be sure that not only is it certified to the highest European Standard, but has the benefit of real world feedback from Motorhome and Caravan owners.

For example, if a battery is found to have higher than normal Fluid loss during use in the field, that may merit a comment we add.

This page is about Batteries that Motorhome and Caravan owners can see has accurate and verifiable specification with no risk that someone has inflated the figures for financial gain.

It may take some time to create a comprehensive list and some battery names you recognise may be absent. 


When choosing a battery, please consider how it will be used.

If your Caravan/Motorhome is only ever used on EHU, then even a budget Car Starter battery will do as the battery will never do any real work. Look for a battery in the lowest 'Category 3' table. 
Even so we would suggest you play safe and buy a reputable brand battery. We have cut many batteries open, very few of the 'aftermarket' budgets had even half the capability stated.

If you spend a lot of time 'Off Grid/EHU' you will need a battery that is good at cycling, so look in the highest 'Category 1' table. Category 1 lists the batteries with extra durability and characteristics that lead to a longer lifetime.

Be cautious about AGM technology batteries as they require specialist chargers and Alternators and are not suitable for fitment in almost all Caravans and most Motorhomes. You should be aware that they rarely achieve the stated life, yet cost so much you might expect their 'real' lives to be in many years.

Please note that we advise against the fitment of AGM batteries in Motorhomes/Caravans.

Audi/Volkswagen are no longer using AGM batteries in their vehicles. Almost all of the group have either switched to the latest EFB technology or will in the next few months, even Seat and Skoda.