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                             Motorhome Internet Access on the move


For a simple way to access the Internet from a Tablet/Laptop in relatively accessible locations, such as most Cities, Towns and Countryside, you can just set up your Smart phone as a Tethering Hotspot and the phone will act as a 'Modem' to allow the Laptop/Tablet to connect to the Internet..

This will allow your Laptop to use your phones Data to access the Internet, obviously, your phone needs to have both Data available for use and 4G/WiFi capability.

If the phone uses the Android operating system, then go to 'Settings' and find "Tethering and Mobile Hotspot" (on mine it is under 'Data Usage'), select it and you should see 'Set up WiFi Hotspot' select this and using the password supplied with the phone, fill out the screen details. Then enable the service.

You should now have a WiFi hotspot your Tablet, Laptop, Partners phone, etc can connect to.

If you want more detail on how to to set up a WiFi hoptspot, there is lots of info on the web, like this one :

Another option is to buy something like the Portable EE 4GEE Mini WiFi below, typical cost is 15Gb for £20 a month. 

Easy to set up and then creates a WiFi point your Laptop, etc. can connect to.


This devices works from the EE mobile phone network, other devices available, and can be taken down the pub with it's own battery, but battery life isn't long. 
On mine I plug the 4GEE mini into the laptop USB point to keep it charged.

Speed on mine at home is a useful 14mb download, 0.6mb upload, but obviously environment dependent

Internet access solutions for Motorhomes in remote locations.

See this web page :   for how to create fast, powerful Internet access solutions for Motorhomes, in remote locations.

Veletron has given permission for us to link to it. It is one of the best articles we have found on the web, the detail is exceptional but easy to understand.


For Internet access in even more remote locations this Satellite option is affordable, see Veletrons latest page here :

Part 2 - Budget 2-way Satellite Internet