Caravan Service at £100

Our Caravan repair and Service facility operates to NCC guidelines. 

Nordelettronica, ZIG and Plug In Systems Battery Chargers Repaired. We don't just fit a replacement charger, we have the skills to repair the old unit, something not even the biggest main Dealers have the skills to do.

Below is a brief summary of our £100 caravan service schedule

  1. Corner Steadies – Operation checked, lubricated.
  2. Chassis Members – Inspected
  3. Check and lubricate Coupling and damper assembly.
  4. Wheels/Tyres – Check condition and pressures.
  5. Brakes – Remove hubs, clean drums and lubricate pivot points, brakes adjusted.
  6. Adjust handbrake.
  7. Check Wheel Bearings.
  8. Check Stabiliser pads. Clean.
  9. Oil and grease moving parts.
  10. Torque drums to correct settings.
  11. Torque wheel nuts/bolts to correct settings.
  12. Gas Pipework check.
  13. Gas pressure test.

The cost includes One Shot nuts. If any other parts are needed we will contact you with costings before undertaking any work.