We offer Motorhome Engine ECU remapping for more performance and economy.

The remap can improve power by as much as 45 hp to 165hp and 40Nm of Torque on the Fiat 2.2 engine.

The remap increases power by improving efficiency so if the extra power is not used then reduced fuel consumption is a benefit with more miles to the gallon being the end result. We recently had a customer claim another 6mpg after the remap. We think 3 - 5 mpg is more realistic but that is a big saving on a journey down to Spain.

An engine ECU remap is available with an engine service at £150. 

Our suggested guide is consider a remap if - 

1 : The engine you have is at the bottom of the power tree in the range. For example you have the 120bhp version but 140 and 160 versions of the same basic engine are available.

2 : It is not the biggest engine in the range. For example a 2.2 and a 3.0 version may use the same basic mechanicals so the 3.0 version may already produce power that is already at the limit of the Gearbox/Clutch, whereas the 2.2 may be well under? Boosting a 3.0 might take it closer to the limits of the components around it, even if the engine itself is within the operating limits of the power boost.

3 : Your primary aim is better MPG figures.

4 : You are prepared to shorten the normal service intervals to compensate for the extra strain on the Oil, etc.


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