"Thank you very much for the work you did to resolve the problems we had been having with Mavis's electrics. Your dedication to your work is exceptional to say the least and it is clear why people like me will travel long distances for you to work on our beloved motorhomes.
S and S Humphrey. 

            Win a Battery Competition From Alpha Batteries - A Yuasa L36-EFB

"As this year draws to a close and the Christmas season upon us, Alpha Batteries are giving away a FREE high quality Yuasa L36-EFB Leisure Battery or any Car battery of choice to the same value.

This offer is by way of thanks to all the support we have received this year from A and N Caravan, customers old and new in our efforts to improve battery retailing. 
We have listened and implemented so many great features and improvements in terms of battery advice, charging and products much to the best of our ability. We will strive to continue in our efforts and welcome any further suggestions to meet the needs of our customers.
May we take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a fully charged New Year.

From All the staff at Alpha Batteries".

At 11:00 on the 24th December the remainder of the competition question will suddenly appear below.

Question :  What is the Ideal charge Voltage?    
(The full question will appear at exactly 11:00 on the 24th December).


To win the battery you need to enter the answer above by way of a new post into this thread below on the 

The first correct answer to appear in the Forum Thread after 11:00 on the 24th December will win the battery.

The forum, hosted by MMM magazine, is fantastic and has so many great members that are willing to help others. If you browse some of the threads you will see just how many nice people there are out there and how willing they are to help everyone. 
If you are not a member, you should be, as it's free to join. NO FEES.
Second Prize is a Power Master2  Spike and Surge mains supply smoother.

The question for the competition will be about the outstanding Yuasa L36-EFB battery using information found on the Alpha Batteries web site, so easy to find and answer by everyone, you just have to be quick.
We suggest you learn all you can about this outstanding battery by visiting the Alpha Batteries web site : Alpha Batteries

Click on the 'Technical Specifications' tab and see how much information, including the number of Battery Cycles, that Alpha publish on the site. They publish more information than any other specialist Battery retailer, and this will expand through 2019.
Information that allows a purchaser to make an informed decision on what battery is right for them. 
For example they are the only company to publish the manufacturers 'ideal charge' voltages so you can ensure a battery matches your Caravan/Motorhome charging system.  

Their sales team is also trained to offer impartial advice, they won't try and push a product that gives a higher profit margin, only what is right for the customer.
We have carried out 'Secret Shopper' surveys, Alpha batteries scored higher marks than their competitors, by a big margin, on technical advice and the best value batteries.

My children Adam and Sophie who typed the question and actually posted it to the web site at exactly 11:00 on Christmas Eve :-