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                     Caravan 'Fridge Fault' solution for Euro 6/Brake Energy recuperation Tow Cars

Modern Tow cars are designed to charge the Starter battery to the minimum amount to save fuel and reduce emmisions. 

When the vehicle is used as a Tow Car, it results in the 'Smart' Alternator spending times where it does not charge the Caravan battery or supply an adequate voltage for the Caravan Fridge.

This may result in the Fridge detecting inadequate power and dropping into a 'Fault mode'. Generally this requires a manual reset to operate normally again. Some modern Fridges don't reset themselves when the voltage rises back to 'Normal', so need to be powerd off, then back on.

The Caravan battery can also take far longer than normal to charge up, sometimes never getting fully charged. In some circumstances when a Motorhome is towing a small Car, this pin on the Towball socket may be used to power the Towed vehicle electrics!! 

If you want a Tow bar on a vehicle with a Smart Alternator the best route is a manufacturer fit option as these kits are designed to deactivate the 'Smart' Alternator function when a towed vehicle is hitched up.

If the manufacturer option is expensive, and they can be 3 times an Independent fit Towbar, you can sometimes overcome this by driving with the headlights on, but this can use extra fuel, especially with modern powerful headlights, and can be a nuisance to other drivers.

We have a voltage Booster unit which mounts in the Caravan and will supply a continuous 14.4volts to the Caravan, regardless of the Alternator state. It will prevent the Fridge 'going into an error state', when the Tow Car is the latest Euro 6 or has Brake Energy Recovery

There are several options, from just a Fidge unit to a combined battery boost charger and Fridge power unit. 

So regardless of the method the Car manufacturer uses to reduce emmisions, our unit will always supply the optimum voltage to fast charge the caravan battery and run the Fridge efficiently on 14.4v, without affecting/changing in any way.

Even on cars with a conventional Alternator, the voltage from the Alternator can be significantly reduced by the time it gets to the Caravan Fridge/Battery as the voltage drop down 6 metres of cable with multiple connectors can be getting on for 2 volts. This can result in a significant drop in Fridge efficiency and long battery charging times, or even the battery not getting charged.


Our unit will always ensure the Caravan battery will get the optimum 14.4v, even if the Alternator is putting out just 11v or the Tow bar socket/plug has connectivity issues.


Fitting available.