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SCHAUDT ELEKTROBLOCK EBL 99, EBL 29 and EBL 119 FOR SALE and REPAIRED at £130 + shipping we don't charge VAT. 

All quoted prices are inclusive but lus shipping. 


NEW EBL 119's AT £330.

The EBL 99 is no longer available new, replaced by the new EBL 119 AGM chargers. 

The EBL 29 that is sometimes sold as a substitute for the EBL 99, is not. It is a different unit with the power outlet for circuit 4 split into two circuits, 4a and 4b. The Solar porting is different as well, which may cause issues in a straight swap. Only use the EBL 29 as a EBL 99 substitute if you are sure the differences between the two units won't cause any issues.

The EBL 119 above is the standard Schaudt AGM optimised unit to replace the EBL 99. 

Motorhome/Caravan Charger/Power Distribution Unit Repairs and Sales. 

 Your old unit is required as part exchange on all purchases.

All Schaudt equipment supplied from EBL29, EBL100, EBL101, EBL104, EBL105, EBL108, EBL109, EBL164, EBL220, EBL225, EBL240, EBL264, EBL269, CSV 300, 400, 409, EMS 01, DP02, etc. 

To buy any of the items above, please email or use the details on the Contact Us page.  

The stock changes continually with items coming in and being sold daily, so the actual stock may vary.