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"I can't thank you enough for your after sales support and fantastic web site. Thank you again for your five star service.  J.B".


Motorhome/Caravan repair and servicing is our business but we also have the specialist skills to repair all Motorhome and Caravan Charger/Power Distribution Units.

We sell both new and remanufactured units from a stock list of which the below is a guide only.  

Those items below that are in stock are available on next day delivery. 

Most items, both new and remanufactured, require the old box in part exchange, please ask.

To buy any of the items below, please email : aandncaravanservices 'at' Note that the email address obviouly needs  @ sign to replace 'at' but typed like this to defeat the 'robots' that trawl websites harvesting email addresses to send spam. 

The stock changes continually with items coming in and being sold so the numbers below may not be an accurate reflection of actual stock but a guide to what we do. 

Current Stock List.

Item Condition       Quantity    Cost         Delivery (working days) Items in stock are usually avaible on next day delivery.


EBL 29        Reman      1         £260 + p&p 7 days 

EBL 99        Reman      3         £230 + p&p 1 days. (This unit has been produced since about July 2000. Cannot be used to replace EBL 29)

EBL 119      NEW          1         £290 + p&p 1 days. The factory official replacement for the EBL 99.

EBL 100      Reman      1         £250 + p&p 1 days

EBL 101      Reman      3          £250 + p&p 1 days

EBL 108      Reman      1          £210 + p&p 1 days

EBL 109      Reman      2          £210 + p&p 1 days

EBL 208      Reman      1          £210 + p&p 1 days

EBL 220      Reman      1          £250 + p&p 1 days. Versions in stock are EBL 220-2 and EBL 220-4 

EBL 226      Reman      1          £270 + p&p 1 days These have OVP. None OVP versions at £220

EBL 264      Reman      2          £270 + p&p 1 days

EBL 269      Reman      2          £270 + p&p 1 days

DT 200        Reman      1          £190 + p&p 1 days

DT 220        Reman      1          £220 + p&p 1 days

LR1218       No Stock - no longer supplying Solar 

LRM1218    No Stock  - no longer supplying Solar  

WA1208      NEW          1            £59 + p&p  next day.  Alternator to Leisure battery boost charger. Charges Leisure battery even

                                                         when Alternator output is just 10 volts. Isolates Van battery from vehicle when ignition off.  

LT 420        NEW          1             £99 + p&p 1 day Display/Control panel to suit EBL 208s

OVP 01      NOT STOCKED.    We are recommending fitment of this device, yet remaining 'impartial' by not selling it. Try Brownhills. 



New units for CI, Trigano, Tribute, etc

NE143P         Reman    2         £119 + p&p 1 days

NE143_RM     Reman   1         £130 + p&p 1 days

NE143_DU     Reman   1         £130 + p&p 1 days

NE143_L        Reman   1         £145 + p&p 1 days


None in stock, sorry


Calira 30/20       No Stock

The below prices are subject to Euro exchange rate fluctuations


ArSilicii AL320                    No Stock

Arsilicii AL120                     No Stock

ArSilicii AL110S                  No Stock

ArSilicii AL320 LCD Cont.  NEW      £210 + p&p 1 days  -  The control Display/Panel for the AL310/320 range like Rimor Sailor

ArSilicii ES 803                    No Stock

ArSilicii Power Hub             No Stock
ArSilicii NSA 1.0                  No Stock



Your old unit is required as part exchange on all purchases of Elektroblocks, Reich E-Box, Calira, ArSilicii, CBE, Nordelettronica, etc.

We buy all Schaudt Elektroblock, Burstner E-Box, Reich E-Box, Calira, Toptron, ArSilicii, CBE and Nordelettronica failed units.

To buy any of the items above, please use the details on the Contact Us page. Our preferred method of payment is Cashier Bill payment/Bank Transfer as it is free to both parties.