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              BCA PCB 296-MD FOR SALE WITH 'Keep Alive' technology.

BRAND NEW BCA PCB 269_MD controllers modified to disable the 'Habitation Area shutdown' feature when the engine is started.

Brand New BCA PCB 269 for the Elddis Encore, Approach, etc 2012 onwards range that have been modified to not shut down the habitation electrics when the engine is started. Even the Alternator charging voltages are available to be monitored on the display.

The Lights, Water Pump, power outlets, etc. remain usable all the time, even when the engine is started. The 269 is very different to the early BCA controllers from around 2008, to our knowledge no one else has been able to offer this functionality on the complex 269 PCB.

With our new board it is up to you to decide if you want  all electrics in the habitation area to close down using the Master control.

This is how  Motorhomes built in France, Germany, Italy, etc. have behaved for years.

Continental Motorhomes have never  implemented the shutdown of the Habitation electrics. 


We have therefore bought a stock of these PCB 269's which are available as they came from the manufacturer to replace existing, broken PCB's, or with the added free option of keeping the habitation electrics alive when the engine is started.

These have been delevoped by us, and are only available from our company.   

Your old unit is required in part exchange.

No shipping. These are only available fitted by ourselves.

Background :

A Motorhome is allegedly not allowed, under "Post office 1960's guidelines". to be driven with any of the habitation area electrics operable in case the electrical devices caused radiated interference.

Some UK manufactuers, but not all, decided that they would implement a mechanism driven by the Alternator to shutdown the 12v power when the engine started up.

Although the Post Office guidelines suggested the 12v should be shutdown when the vehicle moved, the UK Motorhome builders decided to shutdown the Habitation 12v, when the engine started even if the vehicle then never moved.

However, in my 7 seat car I can drive around and have a built in WiFi repeater working flat out, with my children watching a mixture of TV or playing gaming handhelds, make phone calls, using iPads, etc.

I can have 3 reversing/rear view cameras transmitting the picture via Bluetooth, WiFi, etc to the front screen. A car radiating all manner of Electromagnetic 'interference'.

Yet a UK manufactured Motorhome can't even have a single bulb lit in the back, allegedly. 

No other Country : France, Germany, Italy, etc. has adopted such an odd approach.

Pierre can drive his Pilote Motorhome with his 3 children Seat Belted in the 'lounge area' with the children occupied by a mixture of TV, Gameboys, Laptops, Ipads, mobile phones. Or even just be able to old fashion draw or write, illuminated by 12v lighting. Pierre can check how much power the Alternator is putting into the habitation batteries, as the screen stays active when the engine starts. He can charge up the habitation battery from the engine, to enable him to watch the closing stages of 'The Match' when the batteries start running low.

If you have a 2012 onwards Elddis motorhome, this new modified board will allow you to enjoy your Motorhome just as Pierre does in his Pilote.